General Instructions:

• The test should be taken on a desktop, laptop, or tablet : Cell phones are not supported.

• Test takers may use any browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox , ... )

• The test cannot be taken more than once.

• Each section of the test is timed.

• Detailed scores are available immediately upon completing the test.

• If a test taker’s computer battery runs out or the internet connection drops during testing, students will not be able to progress through the test, so you may contact us through What's app (+20 100 1511 499) to reset the test.

Math Package #1

EGP 550 EGP 800

• The correct answers and their topics are provided so that you can recognize your mistakes and weaknesses.

• Answer explanations are not available yet.

Math Subject Test #1 _ (Level 1)

Math Subject Test #2 _ (Level 1)

Math Subject Test #3 _ (Level 1)